Martin Wells, is an Australian-born entrepreneur.  Wells passion lies in working with Australian founders to help them achieve traction with clear ROI, scalable engineering at startup speed, and product market fit.

Martin Wells started Intercom in 1994 as one of Australia’s first ISPs. Wells then started Dot Communications in 1999, which sold to Clarity in 2007. Wells is also a technical author having published J2ME Game Programming. Wells moved to Silicon Valley from Sydney, Australia with his new company Tangler in 2007, at the start of Web 2.0.

Since 2007, Wells has advised fifteen different startups with more than half being acquired by companies like AOL, Facebook and Zygna. Wells built Playcraft Labs in 2012 and sold to Mino Monsters in 2013.

With more than twenty-five years of experience,  twelve of those years working in Silicon Valley, Martin Wells has generated unparalleled product and engineering success in both the Australian and Silicon Valley markets.

Wells created the concept of the Aussie Mafia over beers with Dean McEvoy in 2009. Wells has helped and guided Australian entrepreneurs in their transition to Silicon Valley. For over nine years Wells has held numerous events, dinners and the renowned online group the Aussie Mafia.

Wells also has taken it upon himself to do more than just mentorship of Australian companies. Wells has actively worked to educate Australian entrepreneurs with sold out events like Valley Night.

Martin Wells sits on the board of the  Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend.  He resides in Hillsborough,  California with his wife, Julia, and their children Bella, Blake and Ryan, and a baby on the way.