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I’m a creative/geek/engineer/designer/product/business guy who likes building stuff and helping people. I’m also fortunate to be the CTO of MinoMonsters.

I spend time coming up with ideas, then learning how to make them real. I’m also very interested in game and behavioral mechanics and how they help products grow. I’m an expert level programmer with more than 20 years of experience and have been successful across both product and engineering leadership.

I’m also a Leader for the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend where I help organize and mentor young men between the ages of 13 and 20.

Past things:

  • Creator of objects.js.
  • Creator of the playcraft engine.
  • CEO of Playcraft Labs: a high-performance game engine based on the concept of discrete entity systems. (Acquired by MinoMonsters in February 2013).
  • Helped mig33 grow to 20 million users as their Vice President of Product.
  • Founded Dot Communications, an enterprise software company (acquired by Clarity).
  • Designed the games Club Soccer, NRL Team Manager, Wolverine and Hypergate and built the web game Cybots.
  • Founded Intercom, one of Australia’s first ISPs.
  • Wrote the books J2ME Game Programming and Java ME Game Programming.

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