Martin Wells works with Australian-founded start-ups and mid-stage stage enterprises.  Wells specialises in helping companies achieve product-market fit and ROI. A typical working engagement runs for a minimum of three moths and is primarily focused on product and engineering needs. Wells works hand in hand with the founding team to reach their business goals.

With a direct focus on results and go-to-market for start-ups, Wells brings an ability to increase productivity with deep expertise and knowledge on what decisions to make and what strategy to put into place. Whether it is working through the funding or product launch process, or post-launch scale and customer acquisition.

With companies that are mid-stage, Wells typically helps improve acquisition strategy, refine the engineering team and culture. Wells is gifted in finding the tweaks that can make all the difference to the momentum of a company.

If you are interested in working with Martin Wells, you can reach him via email at

Others who have worked with Martin Wells:

“Marty’s ability to distill the complex into the essence that will connect with customers, partners and colleagues is astounding. I learn something new everytime we meet and he is a great ambassador for the Australian and Silicon Valley startup community.”Dean McEvoy


“Marty has a the holy trinity of startup awesomeness: deep tech knowledge (the practicalities of getting something done), product development knowledge (learning what users want and optimising from there) and startup founder experience (the non-romantic realities of focus and business building). Whether he builds it for himself, or for someone else, Marty knows how to build powerful web businesses that users want… and that work.” – Phil Morle, CEO at Pollenizer